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A propos de nous

Art’Sight® is an easy-to-use, complete software package with simplified settings, allowing eye care professionals to use it either at their work sites (sales table PCs, refraction rooms) or on the move.

A simple Windows computer, with the option to extend the tests on a tablet or a wall screen, will give you the possibility to project and manage its numerous tests directly with your mouse.

There’s no need for complicated installations or renovations, and no expensive hardware is required.

Thanks to its innovative technology, this software will allow you to perform your tests in dynamic mode, color, and HD.

Its ergonomics and its innovative design allow you to work wherever you want in optimum conditions and for an attractive price.

Art’Sight® is the digital solution that offers you a unique experience while administering your refraction tests !


Today, the group « La Galerie d’Art Optique » which has more than 30 years of experience, is a major player in our industry with its glasses frames (Art’Monium®), glasses (Art’Lens®) and refraction (Art’Sight®).

More than 70 employees are already working around the world, and, soon, a full chain of outlets will complete its offering of products and services in France.


The Art'Monium® group.